CEO Rene Thomsen

It all started in the early Eighties when Rene Thomsen came to Hanover and beside school started to work in a huge Live Discotheque “Rotation”. “ The usual routine, filling up drinks, cleaning, Truck load out, equipment set up and then the same all over again” reminds the MD the first busy years. “Then there was a Heavy Metal Festival at the Leine Domizil which include Helloween. Everything came up fast and all of a sudden I found myself on tour.


As guitar and bass technicians he went on tour with some very prominent names in the business such as Victory, U.D.O., Helloween, Running Wild, Sinner, Bad Religion, Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio and even the Scorpions and Gun’n’Roses on a world wide level.

Later he became technical Tour Manager for Cologne based Peter Rieger Concerts, productions included Meat Loaf, Genesis, Joe Cocker, Iggy Pop, Joe Jackson, Supertramp and Phil Collins.


BRS mostly works with freelance professionals backed from the Hanover office staff and those permanently taking care of the huge warehouse which is subsequently updated and enlarged. Thomsen: “We deliver our Productions with BRS Transporters and also make use of specialized trucking companies.” Since 1994 BRS is one of the biggest European Backline Companies renting out professional equipment.


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