US & UK Power:

We hold 110 Volt Trafos / units with 3,3 KVA each

incl. yellow CEE Powercords & Edisson outlets,

we are able to supply enough 110 power to run several complete Backlines,

FOH outbord gear & Dressingroom appliances at the same time.

And for our Clients from the UK or Bands that tour the united Kingdom with our Equipment we hold all needed adapters.


Wardrobe Cases:

Doublde Door & Single Door Wardrobe Cases with draws and hangers on both sides -

air circulation holes and with build in ventilators.


Tour accessorie Cases:

19" Rack Cases

120er Tour Cases with compartements

Multi Guitartrunks

Multi Drum Cases

Oversize Cases

Worstations with draws - power - and work platform


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